Wellesley College Sustainability Co-op
Members of Wellesley’s Sustainability Co-op, as active advocates of sustainable change, work to provide, grow, and cook food for ourselves in a sustainable conscious manner, educate the community on issues of the environment and sustainability, contribute to and strengthen sustainable action and understanding within our own college community and the broader local and global communities, and to be mindful and commit in our daily lives to measures that conserve all our resources. To that end, we present The Scoop Blog, where we will post ideas and inspirations, successfully sustainable meals, and issues that cause us to rethink and redefine sustainability. Ultimately, we hope to present the nuances and complications of living more sustainably, and that doing so brings not only delicious food, but also community.
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The newest, fluffiest, and (debatably) cuddliest member of SCoop hopped into our lives today. Meet Bundog!

Bundog is still a little timid in the new unfamiliar space, but in the last hour or so he/she/they/ze has become SO EXCITED by all the new smells and things to nibble and tiny spaces behind the couch to crawl in. 

Bundog will be living in Amelia’s/Mack’s room but will hop through our minds at all hours of the day.  Now you have EVEN MORE reasons to visit us in SCoop!  COME FOR THE FLUFFY LOVEBUG SNUGGLES.

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