Wellesley College Sustainability Co-op
Members of Wellesley’s Sustainability Co-op, as active advocates of sustainable change, work to provide, grow, and cook food for ourselves in a sustainable conscious manner, educate the community on issues of the environment and sustainability, contribute to and strengthen sustainable action and understanding within our own college community and the broader local and global communities, and to be mindful and commit in our daily lives to measures that conserve all our resources. To that end, we present The Scoop Blog, where we will post ideas and inspirations, successfully sustainable meals, and issues that cause us to rethink and redefine sustainability. Ultimately, we hope to present the nuances and complications of living more sustainably, and that doing so brings not only delicious food, but also community.
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Happy Three Day Weekend everybody!  Mackenzie models. 

Scoop celebrates our long holiday with a brunch of homemade pancakes, chocolate ganache (made with dumpster-dove chocolate chips), frozen berry drizzle, and fresh strawberries from Amelia’s mom.  Many thanks to all the loving work and cleanup by Hannah, Amelia, Ashley, Ellen, Mackenzie, and WanWan this morning. 

Goodness gracious, we have been making feasts this semester - we have some magnificent chefs living here!

But even more importantly, we’ve set the cooperative off on a good start for addressing our goals of social, economic, and environmental sustainability.  This will be an ongoing conversation all semester and throughout the lifetime of SCoop, both within our community and with the rest of you out there following us.  More to come on how we must balance each of these facets in our life here in the cooperative, most likely in the form of rad posts about cooperatives elsewhere and what we can learn from them. 

In the meantime, got any good resources about living cooperatively for us to see?

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